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The mission of the Department of Computer and Communications Engineering is to strengthen and augment the higher education programs expected of all HCMUTE undergraduates, to impart a basic understanding of electronics engineering, and to develop skills in the design and building of systems that directly impact societal needs.

The program includes a balanced foundation in the physical sciences, mathematics and computing; presents core courses in electronics, digital systems, hardware/software design, Internet of things, Machine learing; and develops specific skills in the analysis and design of systems. Students in the major have broad flexibility to select from disciplinary areas beyond the core, including hardware and software and information systems and science, as well as electives in multidisciplinary areas, including integrated circuit design, embedded systems design. 

The Computer Engineering Technology (CET) Program at HCM-UTE offers students a solid foundation in computer engineering skills, such as circuit design, performance evaluation, and analysis through hardware-software integration in embedded systems. Graduates are well-prepared for development and implementation of the modern computing systems and integrated application systems centered around computers; they enhance their ability to communicate and acquire an understanding and appreciation for other areas of human intellectual achievement.

  • Our graduates will engage in the productive practice of computer engineering to identify and solve significant problems across a broad range of application areas.
  • Our graduates will engage in successful careers in industry, academia, and public service, providing technical leadership for their business, profession and community.
  • Our graduates will enhance the economic well-being of Southern Vietnam through a combination of technical expertise, leadership and entrepreneurship.
  • Our graduates will adapt to new technologies, tools and methodologies to remain at the leading edge of computer engineering practice with the ability to respond to the challenges of a changing environment.

Course Curriculum

Required Courses

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Elective Courses

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