Designing for Bluetooth Low Energy Applications

26 Tháng 10 2016, 12:00 am
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Bluetooth devices can be either dual mode, supporting both BR/EDR and Bluetooth low energy, or single mode,

supporting Bluetooth low energy only. As well as ultra-low power and connectivity to smartphones, PCs, and

tablets, other benefits include:

• Low cost

• Reliable and robust: AFH (Adaptive Frequency Hopping), retransmissions and 24-bit CRC (Cyclic

Redundancy Checks)

• Secure: pairing, bonding, privacy, MITM (Man in the Middle) protection, and AES-128 encryption

• Supports rapid development:

• Standardized profiles to cover key use cases (HR, HID, Glucose, Proximity, etc.)

• Profiles can be developed as applications, supporting fast deployment

• Vendor-specific profiles omit the need to wait for Bluetooth SIG to standardize profiles and

operating system developers to integrate them

• Widely deployable: Supported by major platforms - iOS, Android 4.3 and newer, Windows 8 and 10,

OSX, and Linux

Source: Silicon Lab

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